AGM Voting System

SunVote audience response system for AGM is suitable for annual general meetings, shareholder meetings and creditor meetings.

The Challenge of Traditional Voting Method Meet for AGM

AGM is an official conference with complex regulatory obligations, every resolution is closely related to the operation of the company and every shareholder. Therefore, it can be time-consuming with complex management. Especially when organizing a large-scale conference of more than one thousand people, in addition to equipment configuration and personnel organization, it is also necessary to worry about the participation of the audience at the conference site, conference data collection, and statistics.

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city council electronic voting system
city council electronic voting system
1. How to register every shareholder quickly?

In the past, it took several hours or even longer to register every shareholder and check his identity and weight, and also note his information on his ballot. It is super time-consuming, and the workers spend a lot of time manual counting. They are so tired that they can’t concentrate on their work.

2. How to count the votes accurately and efficiently?

Counting votes manually is also easy to lead to some errors and fraud data, especially when calculating weighted votes, which greatly affects the shareholders’ rights!

 3. How to vote fairly?

Traditional paper ballot voting is easy to tamper with votes, and prone to leak election secrets. And since the voting results can’t be instantly displayed and announced on the spot, it is difficult to ensure transparency and fairness during the voting and election process.

See How The AGM Voting System Can Help You

SunVote AGM Voting System is exactly the simple, reliable, and easy-to-use technology, which can help release you in charge from a heavy burden, significantly saving much more time and energy than the traditional ballot counting – especially with the weight assigned to each vote. AGM Voting System will streamline your next shareholder meeting.
SunVote AGM Voting System is specially designed for shareholder meetings of listed companies and public organizations, non-government organizations, applicable for its annual general meetings to vote on annual operation plan, work report, annual budget, and personnel appointments or board directors election. The AGM Voting System has 2 independent software, one for registration, the other for resolution voting and board election. It works with Identity Card Reader & Scanning devices. AGM Voting System can pre-load shareholders’ names & shares to voting keypads at registration, which ensures correct voting rights for all attendees. The votes cast by intuitive voting keypads, and poll results can be available immediately. By using the AGM Voting System, the detailed post-event reports can be generated automatically, allowing greater scrutiny of results, which is fully regulatory and legislative compliance.

The Benefits Of AGM Voting System

1. The electronic sign-up function of the AGM Voting System helps quickly and accurately verify shareholders’ identity and shorten the registration and sign-in process
• With AGM Voting System, you can register based on every shareholders’ ID, accurately locate shareholder/ proxy, legal!
• AGM Voting System associates shareholders’ weight based on the unique SN of voting keypads, compliant!
• By using SunVote AGM Voting System, only 2-5 seconds register a shareholder, you can complete registration in 30 min for any scale, efficient!

2. AGM Voting System support for/against/abstain voting, proxy voting, weighted voting, and blocked voting, as well as the candidate election.
• The shareholders or proxy can press yes/no/ abstain key to submit their votes with wireless electronic voting keypad, 1000 votes can be collected in 20 seconds, 100% votes collection, no need to print, hand out and collect paper ballots manually, saving time and energy.
• The shareholders or proxy can mark “√” displayed on the voting keypads to vote for a batch of candidates at a time. It is super easy to use.
3. With SunVote AGM Voting System, the voting or election results are automatically counted and announced immediately on the spot, speed up vote collection and enable transparency of the decision-making process.
4. The AGM Voting System automatically generates accurate detailed reports for instant review, archiving, and verification
5. SunVote AGM Voting System ensures secure and efficient voting based on rules, avoids fraud data and protects shareholders’ rights!

How to use SunVote AGM Voting System

Before the meeting,
• Shareholders register based on the unique identity, SunVote AGM Voting System automatically bond shareholders’ information and weight to the voting keypad through RFID reader, then shareholders or proxy use the signature pad to complete handwritten signature and can synchronize to the sign-in software and the sign-in report
• The operator edits the confirmed agendas and imports shareholders and proxy information by electronic poll software.
• When shareholders or proxy complete registration, they’ll be distributed a specific voting keypad that displays their name and weights.
During meetings,
shareholders can cast their votes with an electronic voting keypad to each discussed resolution and check the voting history. Interactive polling system automatically collects and counts the vote, the voting result on each resolution can be displayed in real-time and confirmed by auditors and shareholders.
After meeting,
Interactive audience response system automatically generates detailed voting reports (sign-in and sign-out reports, roll call reports, resolutions reports, proxy detailed reports, you can export various reports in PDF reports for auditing and archiving purposes.

Why Choose Our AGM Voting System

Legal & compliant
The AGM Voting System is specially designed for annual general meetings, extraordinary general meetings,s or creditor meetings, meet voting rules of the corporate law in different nations, ensure the on-site voting is legal and compliant.
Accurate & reliable
Our AGM Voting System communicates via a secure, closed-circuit, proprietary radio frequency technology, no WIFI needed, 80 channels guarantee stable data transmission.
Our AGM Voting System supports power failure protection and a one-click channel shifting mechanism, which ensures the voting data is 100% reliable.
Secure & efficient
SunVote AGM Voting System adopts a two-way and independent closed communication protocol, no votes can tamper.
1000 votes can be reliably collected in 20 seconds.
Transparent & auditable
The AGM Voting System can track individual voting details and provide a clear view and complete transparency to the voting process.
The AGM Voting System automatically generates detailed voting reports for auditing and archiving purposes.
With an AGM Voting System, the shareholders can be quickly registered as cast.
Simple & easy to use.
Simple, accessible user interfaces and intuitive voting operation of AGM Voting System is super easy to use for administrators and different ages shareholders or proxy. The AGM Voting System is light and portable, easy to set up no wifi needed, free from site restriction.


Electronic Voting Keypads/Receiver Options For AGM Voting System

M52Li is our popular and classic voting keypad for AGM Voting System. It is specially designed for large scale & important occasions such as Shareholder Meetings/AGM/Creditor Meetings and has more specific functions required by shareholder meetings, such as resolution voting, candidate election, records checking, and so on, suitable for large scale meeting because of stable signal distance and a chargeable battery.

EA4000T: adopt 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology. Each receiver supports up to 2000 electronic voting keypads. It can be connected via a USB port or in a TCP/IP model.

Why choose voting keypads rather than tablets for city council meetings?

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audience voting clickers

Audience Voting Clickers Makes Shareholder Meetings Simple and Efficient!

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