HOA Voting System

SunVote HOA Voting System is widely used for condominium/apartment/homeowners association voting ballot/residential annual meetings.

The Challenge Of Traditional Voting Method Meet For Condominium Meeting / HoA

HoA is an official conference with complex regulatory obligations. Every resolution is closely related to every house owner. Therefore, it can be time-consuming and inefficient with complex management and heavy work. In traditional condo meetings, many condo corporations are always facing several difficulties as the following:

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1. How to register every participant quickly?

Normally, house owners provide their ID cards to register. We need to hand check their identity and weight, then note his information on his ballot. It’s quite time-consuming, registering 200 house owners costs 2-3 hours or even longer, and it’s easy to make some mistakes, like setting the wrong weight, etc.

2. How to count the votes accurately and efficiently?

Some owners should avoid voting for resolution 2! Some owners may vote for several owners, while 1 or more of them avoid voting for resolution 2! Counting ballots by people is always time-consuming, especially because we need to consider flexible rules.

3. How to vote fairly?

The larger the organization, the more expensive and vulnerable to fraud paper ballots become. Unfair voting and elections can sometimes raise provocative and fervent issues for those involved and seriously affect owners’ rights. Traditional paper ballot voting is easy to tamper with votes, and prone to leak election secrets. Lack of fairness and justice.

See How The HOA Voting System Can Help you.

SunVote HOA condominium electronic voting is exactly the right technology, which can help release you in charge from a heavy burden, make the voting/ election results fairer and more just, cost much less time, maximize the efficiency and simplify your condo meeting process. If you are looking for a reliable, secure, and HOA Voting System to streamline your condo meeting, SunVote HOA Voting System is the perfect tool for you.
SunVote HOA condominium electronic voting is specially designed for residential/apartment meetings/condominium board meetings. It has 2 independent software, one for sign in, the other for voting and election. It works with Identity Card Reader & Scanning devices. HOA Voting System can associate weight to voting keypads when the owner registers, the voting/ election data will be calculated automatically and the results can be displayed in real-time. With SunVote HOA Voting System, you can also export auditable and detailed voting reports for printing and saving when the meeting ends.

The Benefits Of SunVote HOA Voting System

1. Easy Preparation Before Meetings
With SunVote HOA Voting System, you can easily prepare resolutions and manage the owners’ list.
2. Efficient Registration Management
With SunVote HOA Voting System, each owner can be quickly registered and accurately located based on their unique ID, you can quickly check the quorum. The HOA Voting System can associate each owner’s weight by scanning the unique SN of each electronic voting keypad, nobody can register twice. At the same time, the HOA Voting System support builds multiple registration desks at the same time. Only 2-5 seconds can register an owner. You can complete all owners’ registration in 30min for any scale. The SunVote HOA Voting System is legal, compliant, and efficient.
3. Secure and Efficient On-Site Voting/ Election
SunVote HOA Voting System ensures the voting and election based on the voting rules of the condominium board meeting.
SunVote HOA Voting System can help to increase owner engagement and know what your owners really want through real-time interaction on-site.
SunVote HOA Voting System supports proxy voting, weigh voting, and membership election to meet your various voting demands.
4. Instant voting/ Election results
With SunVote HOA Voting System, the voting results are automatically counted and announced on the spot immediately, 200 votes can be 100% collected in 10-20 seconds, saving time and effort in manual counting, at the same time avoiding fraud data and protecting owners’ rights!
5. Post-meeting Report Management
SunVote HOA Voting System automatically generates auditable and detailed reports for printing, instant review, archiving, and verification, giving a full and transparent record of the meeting.

How To Use SunVote HOA Voting System

1. Using SunVote HOA Voting System to input and create resolutions freely, like the title, type, rules, and other settings.
2. Register Owner and distribute electronic voting keypads
Build multiple registration desks, owner register based on the unique identity, the HOA Voting System will automatically correspond the owner’s weight to the electronic voting keypad.
3. On-site voting and election with an HOA Voting System
Each owner submits their vote through the handheld wireless voting keypad. The voting results will be shown on the spot immediately. 200 votes can be 100% collected in 10-20 seconds.
4. Export and manage reports for audit
With SunVote HOA Voting System, you can export 3 reports (sign-in report, voting reports, election reports) in both excel and pdf files for printing, auditing, and archiving.

HOA Voting System

The Advantages Of Our SunVote HOA Voting System

Legal & compliant
The HOA Voting System is specially designed for residential meetings, no need to change existing meeting processes.
SunVote has focused on supporting legislative meetings around the world for 23 years, every process is legal and compliant.

Accurate & reliable
Our HOA Voting System adopted mathematically proved algorithms and two-way communication verify technology, which can ensure data is 100% accurate.
Our HOA Voting System is a reliable, power failure protection and one-click channel shifting mechanism that ensures the voting data is 100% reliable.

Secure & efficient
The HOA Voting System adopts a two-way and independent closed communication protocol, no votes can tamper.
Taking the 400 participants meeting as an example, HOA Voting System can reliably collect all votes in 20 seconds. Results can be displayed in real-time.

Transparent & auditable
The HOA Voting System can track individual voting details and provide a clear view and complete transparency to the voting process.
HOA Voting System automatically generates detailed voting reports for auditing and archiving purposes.
With an HOA Voting System, the owners can be quickly registered as cast. Counted as registered.

Simple & easy to use.
Simple, accessible user interfaces and intuitive voting operation of HOA Voting System is super easy to use for administrators and different age owners.
The HOA Voting System is light and portable, easy to set up no wifi needed, free from site restriction.

Audience Voting Keypads/Receiver Options For HOA Voting System

SunVote electronic voting systems for condominium meetings support 2 voting models, basic entry M30 and full function S52plus. You can choose the most suitable model or tailor an audience response system for condominium meetings according to your demand and budget.
S52Plus is our most classic, popular voting keypad with full functions. It is only credit card-sized, has 10 response buttons, and a large screen with an LCD display to show the option we input and voting confirmation. It supports Y/N/A voting and Election, which is the priority choice for most apartment meetings.

EA4000T: adopt 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology. Each receiver supports up to 2000 electronic voting keypads. It can be connected via a USB port or in a TCP/IP model.

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