Choose the best audience response systems for your meetings or events

What is the best audience response system?

An audience response system is a tool that combines hardware and software and enables a speaker to interact with his audience by collecting and analyzing responses to questions. The hardware consists of voting keypads and a receiver, and the interactive response software is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint. The speaker can use the software to ask questions at any time, allowing the audience to answer questions by pressing the button on the voting keypad, to instantly collect real and correct responses to questions, while strengthening the interaction with the audience and improving the efficiency of the conference and activities!

What are audience response systems used for? Opinion Surveys & Polling

Audience response systems can be used for opinions surveys or polls in various meetings, such as seminars, Industry summits, Leadership meetings, or employee, customer & anonymous surveys.

By using an audience response system, a speaker can pose a question at any time during his/her PowerPoint presentation. Each participant can give his/her response to the question anonymously using a wireless handheld voting keypad. The results are automatically collected and displayed immediately after the close of the poll. The whole process takes about a minute, and greatly improves productivity and results for your organization.

With the audience response system, you can

  • Engage your audience in real-time, create an interactive environment
  • Collect real and candid responses via anonymous participation
  • Captures the demographic characteristics of your audience
  • Easily gain accurate & instant results and multi-dimensional analysis reports
  • Save 40%-70% costs and 50%-90% time compared to voting on paper

What are audience response systems used for

What are audience response systems used for? Staff training & CMEs

The audience response system can be used for all kinds of training assessments, such as Sales Training, Pre-job or On-job Training, Safety Training, CME or Medical Training, etc.

The audience response system allows the trainer to ask prepared questions or add questions on the fly, Trainees answer the questions with voting clickers. The trainer can compare the results without waiting. It creates relaxed training and learning atmosphere via interactive response, to fully engage trainees, turn passive learning into active learning, and increase trainees’ knowledge retention. With the instant results and reports, the trainer also can monitor how well the students understand what they are taught and adjust the teaching schedule timely,

With an audience response system, you can,

  • Attract trainees’ attention, strengthen knowledge memory and retention
  • Immediately assess trainees’ understanding
  • Improve interaction level and expand trainees’ participation
  • Instantly and effectively track and measure training impact

What are audience response systems used for? Interactive games & contests

The audience response system can be used for various interactive games or contests, such as quiz games, TV shows, singer contests, beauty contests, talent shows, and so on.

With an audience response system, you can

  • Create a happy and tense atmosphere. and reach an eye-catching effect
  • Easily obtain real-time updated voting results without waiting
  • Boost the audience’s enthusiasm & participation

What is the best audience response system?

The best audience response system should be reliable and stable, multi-functional and flexible, and easy to set up, learn and use.

The performance of the audience response system directly affects the transmission speed and stability. The best audience response system should ensure that voting data is transmitted quickly and 100% collected. In this case, it won’t influence the meeting process.

The best audience response system should be versatile and flexible, it can be used for yes/no/abstain voting, scoring, or group voting. At the same time, it can also be used in a single room or multiple rooms, and the organizer can increase or decrease the voting equipment according to actual needs.

The best audience response system should be easy to set up and work with anywhere. No complicated network or internet deployment and connection, no need to download any APP. Organizers can organize a meeting or event at any time without changing the current environment.

The best audience response system should be easy to learn and use. The display interface design of the software strives to be intuitive and concise, simplifies the user’s operation steps to the greatest extent, and ensures that the audience can easily get started without training.

Last but not least, the best audience response system should meet the above criteria, at the same time it must meet your needs,

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