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Vote Clicker G1 is our full-function and high-performance electronic voting machine. It is specially designed for large-scale & important occasions with over 1000 participants. With a large backlight LCD screen, supports roll displaying shareholder name and weights, AES256 encryption transmission, smart deployment, and strong anti-WIFI interference feature, suitable for onsite voting with thousands of participants. Besides, the Vote Clicker G1 adopts 3 x AAA batteries, which can continuously work for more than 150 hours.

  • Key Functions Of Vote Clicker G1

    Electronic sign in
    3-key voting: Yes/ No / Abstain
    Numeric Election: select max. 99 candidates out of 200 candidates.
    Single choice/ Multiple choice/ Sequence / Judge / Numeric/ Rush answer/ Text
    Scoring: Support integer 0~100 or decimal score
    Built-in NFC feature, support writing shareholder name, and shares to G1 vote clicker at registration.

  • Key Performance Of Vote Clicker G1

    2.4G Hz RF Technology
    <100M Reliable Distance
    Continuous work >150 hours
    1-80 channels
    Support > 1,0000 participants’ meeting
    1000 votes 100% collected in 20 seconds.

Vote Clicker G1 Applications
Vote Clicker G1 is the latest generation of audience response equipment. It has the stronger anti-WiFi capability and its transmission distance adds up to 100 meters, AES256 encryption transmission and multi-level error correction mechanism ensure the data is secure and correct. With a large backlight LCD screen and built-in NFC feature and supports displaying shareholder names and shares, vote clicker G1 is optimal for large-scale & high-stake conferences, such as Shareholder Meetings, AGM meetings, Creditor Meetings, International Academic Forums, Industry Summits, etc. At the same time, we have optimized the display effect and functions of Vote Clicker G1, users can have a more intuitive and easy operation.

Vote Clicker Configuration

Vote Clicker G1 is light and portable, wireless installation and deployment, no wifi needed, easy to use, free from site restriction, expandable & flexible, suitable for anywhere.

Vote Clicker

About the Receiver and Accessories

Receiver EVS200

4Ghz RF wireless technology

AES256 data encryption

100M radius range

Support NFC shipping match

Each receiver supports up to 2000 vote clickers.

Support USB or TCP/IP connection

Can be charged by USB cable or power adaptor.

About Electronic Voting Devices Carry Case
Material – Waterproof fabric and pearl foam
Capacity – 40pcs Vote Clicker G1 per bag
Size – 362*252*142mm
Weight – 500g

About AGM polling software:
* Support Yes/No/Abstain Voting/ Proxy Voting /Avoidance / Candidate Election
* Support NFC Register and pre-load shareholder information
* Support reports export (Sign in report / Motion voting report / Election report)

About ARS PPT Software:
A Microsoft PowerPoint -plug in software
Support Single Choice /Multiple Choice /Sequence /Judge (True/False)/ Numerical Value/ Score / Text /Rush Answer / Digital Election /Vote (Yes, No, Abstain)
Support data analysis and reports export

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