Audience Response Keypads


Audience Response Keypads M00 are our full-function audience response system keypads. It has stronger wifi anti-interference ability with 433MHz RF technology, which is more reliable and stable in the large event venue with thousands of audience and a more complex environment, especially in wifi environments. Its’ communication distance is extended to 80m, which supports up to 5000 participants voting in a single room at the same time. Audience Response Keypads E11Plus adopts 2 AA batteries and supports continuing voting up to 150 hours. Besides, Audience Response Keypads M00 adopts dot-matrix LCD and supports backlight features, which can be barrier-free operated in a dark environment.

  • Key Functions of electronic voting keypads M00

    Electronic Sign in
    3-key voting -yes/no /abstain
    Candidate election -elect max. 80 candidates out of 200.
    Scoring: Support scores from 0 to 100, including decimal points.

    Single choice/multiple choice / judge/ sequence/ numeric / rush answer.

  • Key Performance of electronic voting keypads M00

    433M RF Technology

    <80 M Reliable Distance

    >150 Hour Working Hour

    32 Channels available

    support up to 5000 representatives.

    100 votes can be 100% collected in 5 seconds.

Audience Response Keypads M00 Applications
Audience Response Keypads M00 is our 4th generation classic and full-function wireless audience response keypads, which is more reliable and stable in large scale meetings and event venue with thousands of participants, Based on 433MHz technology, support backlight feature, and 80M long-distance communication, Audience Response Keypads M00 is the perfect choice for those various evening party scene and entertainment contests, like TV shows, quiz games, talent shows, awards ceremonies, singer/dancer contests, etc.

Audience Response Keypads Configuration

Audience Response Keypads M00 are light and portable, wireless installation and deployment, no wifi needed, free from site restriction, suitable for anywhere.

audience response keypads

About the Receiver and Accessories

Receiver EA4300T
* Communication Band 433M Hz RF technology
* Each receiver supports up to 2000 Audience Response Keypads M00.
* Support USB or TCP/IP connection
* Can be charged by USB or power adapter.

About audience polling software:
* a plug-in software in Microsoft PowerPoint
* Support Vote / Judge / Choice / Sequence / Number/ Score / Rush answer/ Rank
* Support export reports in Excel file.

About 56BP carry case

Capacity – 56pcs Audience Response Keypads per box

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