Interactive Keypad


Interactive Keypad M30 is our smallest, lightest, and most budget-friendly model. It has simplified functions, suits questions within 5 options, intuitive keys, and voting status can be indicated by the LCD screen. The signal distance of Interactive Keypad M30 increased to 50m, more stable and reliable. It supports personalized appearance customization, with over 1000,000 users in more than 100 countries.

  • Key Functions Of Interactive Keypad M30

    Choices/Priority Rank/Judge/Rush Answer/10 questions self-paced test/ vote (yes/no/ abstain)
    Single question/multi-questions answered (10 questions)/Random Call.

  • Key Performance Of Interactive Keypad M30

    2.4G Hz RF Technology
    <50M Reliable Distance
    >150Hour Working Hour
    80 Channels available

Interactive Keypad M30 Applications
Interactive Keypad M30 is the smallest and most cost-effective model with basic and simplified functions. It suits questions within 5 options, super suitable for single-hand operation. Interactive Keypad M30 is widely used for classroom interactive response, corporate training, quiz games, onsite survey, or audience response on small meetings or events!

Interactive Keypad Configuration

Interactive Keypad M30 is light and portable, wireless deployment and installation, no wifi needed, free from site restriction, suitable for anywhere.

Interactive Keypad

About the Receiver and Accessories

USB Receiver EA1000
* Communication Band 2.4 GHz RF technology
* Communication Distance within 30 meters
* It can be charged by USB.
* Each USB receiver supports up to 400 Interactive Keypad M30.
Receiver EA4000T
* Communication Band 2.4 GHz RF technology
* Communication Distance within 100 meters
* Each receiver supports up to 2000 Interactive keypads.
* Support USB or TCP/IP connection
* Can be charged by USB or power adapter.

About audience polling software:

* A plug-in for Windows PowerPoint,

* Support choice, ranking, voting, rating functions.

* Support PPT issue editing

* Support Chinese/English/Japanese/ Spanish/ German/French etc.

About carrying Bag

24/ 48 pcs per bag for Interactive Keypad M30.

For Interactive Keypad using CR2032 battery.

Capacity varies with different types of Interactive Keypad M30.

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