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Voting Clickers M52Li is specially designed for assemblies, large-scale conferences, and events. Voting Clickers M52Li is our full-function and performance-enhanced voting keypad, support questions within 10 options and 100M long-distance communication, with a strong anti- WiFi interference feature, which is more reliable and stable in the large conference venue with thousands of participants. Besides, the Voting Clickers M52Li can be charged and stored with a dedicated charging box collectively. Adopting 1100mAh lithium rechargeable battery that can last up to 80 hours after a full charge.

  • Key Functions Of Voting Clickers M52Li

    3-key voting: Yes/ No / Abstain

    Candidate election: select max. 80 candidates out of 200.

    Single choice / Multiple choice / Judge / Sequence / Numeric / Score/ Rush answer

  • Key Performance Of Voting Clickers M52Li

    • 4G HzRF Technology
    • <100M Reliable Distance
    • continuous work >80 hours
    • 80 Channels available
    • Support > 5,000 participants’ meeting

Voting Clickers M52Li Applications
Voting Clickers M52Li is our full-function and high-performance wireless voting clicker. It has the stronger anti-WiFi capability and its’ transmission distance adds up to 100 meters, which is optimal for assemblies or large-scale & important conferences with over a thousand people, such as AGM meetings, shareholders meetings, industry association meetings, academic forums, and corporate annual meetings, etc. Voting Clickers M52Li also has a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery capable of running more than 40 hours.

Voting Clickers Configuration

Voting Clickers M52Li are light and portable, wireless deployment and installation, no wifi needed, easy to use, free from site restriction, suitable for anywhere. The charging case helps to easily charge and maintain.

About the Receiver and Accessories 

Voting Clickers Receiver EA4000T
* Communication Band 2.4 GHz RF technology
* Communication Distance within 100 meters
* Each receiver supports up to 2000 Voting Clicker M30.
*Support USB or TCP/IP connection
*Can be charged by USB or power adapter.
Audience Polling Software
* A plug-in for Windows PowerPoint,
* Support choice, ranking, voting, rating functions.
* Support PPT issue editing
* Support Chinese/English/Japanese/ Spanish/ German/French etc.

About Electronic Voting Clickers Charging Case

ABS material

Charging time: 3 hours

48 pcs Voting Clicker M52Li per case

For M52Li wireless voting clickers using lithium rechargeable battery

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