No matter what type of event you’re planning, we’re willing to bet that audience engagement is one of your top priorities – and, more than likely, one of your biggest challenges.

These days, event organizers are facing serious competition when it comes to holding the attention of their audiences. In a world in which distractions are always within reach (literally and figuratively!), figuring out how to engage an audience has become as essential as it is challenging.

But with a few tips and a solid variety of audience participation ideas and tools, you can pull off an engaging event that exceeds expectations. And even better, you can do it all easier than ever before, thanks to the impressive innovations and advanced technologies that change the way we think about events.

So how does it work?

Well, it’s simple. Just like social media, it requires your attendees to bring a device (you no longer have to over-order equipment) and a positive attitude. You simply need an app and some AV equipment (and a little patience to work with speakers on their questions if you’re hands-on).

Once you’re all set up, you give your attendees free-reign. They can log in to your app, attend your social audience sessions, and interact with each other and the speaker through live polling, commenting, and questions.

Traditional Audience Response vs. Social Audience Response

The best part is that each attendee creates a profile up front. This means — if they opt in to share data — they have a unique ID attached to their so they can interact with other attendees on a more personal basis. This also gives speakers unique data about their attendees and the results of their polls.

Beyond the session, the conversation can continue in the app. Attendees will be able to use it as a continuing education resource and speakers will have the opportunity to connect further with their audience.

This is truly the future of audience response.

Benefits of a Social Audience Response System

1. Social Audience Response Facilitates Engagement

Social audience response goes beyond interaction and gets attendees engaged. It gets them thinking and talking about the subject matter. It connects content and speakers to the audience. Best of all, it gives them a platform to share their own expertise in a collaborative environment.

2. Social Audience Response Gives Introverts a Voice

Even introverts attend conferences. The problem is that they often don’t shine in live collaborative groups and workshops. Introverts often prefer to think deeply about a problem before sharing their thoughts. Giving them a social-media-like environment to do this empowers them to share their valuable insights.

3. Social Audience Response Is a Personalized Experience

Personalization is so important. If a speaker lectures to a group of people that are already experts in the subject matter, she may lose her audience very quickly. However, if she polls the audience, learns what their pain points are, and engages them in a conversation around those topics, she will succeed in creating a meaningful experience for those individuals. It’s about respecting people’s time and needs.

No matter how many ideas for engaging events we offer, none can compare to high-quality content. Although new technology and industry buzzwords can be exciting, even the most advanced innovations can’t make up for poorly-planned content.

Make sure you allow your organization ample time to create excellent content, tailoring it to serve your audience’s needs and event goals alike. And of course, never underestimate the value of professional help – working with an event organizer and manager could be the key to unlocking your best event ever.

Sunvote audience response system can be useful when giving business presentations or during corporate meetings. It’s perfect for focus groups, jury selection and voting. Whether you need to gather efficient data from a group quickly, monitor the response of a large audience or just get your class involved with interactive presentations and quizzes; the audience response system combines ease of operation with manageable software to present a cost effective solution to traditional quizzing and response methods.

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