SunVote is a professional audience response system manufacturer specializing in research, production, sales,  as well as the world’s leading provider of electronic voting keypads since 1998. Over the past 22 years, SunVote has become the main leader in the global electronic voting system industry, relying on industry-leading innovation and R & D capabilities, and international frontier design concepts. Offering purchase, rental, secondary development, product customization (ODM & OEM ), and other personalized professional services of an interactive audience response system.

audience response system

SunVote has developed three series of product solutions, including audience response system solutions& electronic voting system solutions, interactive audience response system Solutions, and interactive polling system Solutions, which can fully meet the following application needs:

Government: Resolution voting, Candidate elections
Business: Real-Time polling, Game Show Applications, Real-Time Survey, Live Event Survey, Presentation Polling, Audience Response Events, and Live Insights Polling.

Matched with different real-time polling software, quiz software, audience participation software, meeting engagement software, etc. Sunvote audience response system has successfully served over 1,000,000 users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including government agencies, industry associations, global top 500 enterprises.

Event Organizer from Korea

The audience’s response to a message is referred to as the best audience engagement tool ,it helps our meeting more interactive and saves most of the time in the preparation period. The real-time polling of Sunvote audience participation software is very suitable for our game show applications and round-table Sunvote electronic voting system!

shareholder registrar from Malaysia

Sunvote interactive audience response system is really helpful for our annual shareholder meeting. As a shareholder register, according to our experience, it only takes about 2 hours for a whole event with 200 participants after adopting a wireless audience polling system, while it used to take 2 days and now saves almost 85% of the time.

property management company from Brazil

Sunvote electronic voting keypads is an amazing tool, it is very small like a credit card size. But it can save 95% time for a condo event after adopting our system:1.No ballot printing, Environmental! 2. No hand calculation, Avoid the mistake.3. Efficient, 1000 votes can be collected in 30 seconds, meeting time is much shorter than before. 4. Excel and Pdf report, easy for audit.