As the first audience response system solutions provider and electronic voting keypad manufacturer in Asia, SunVote has been specializing in research, production, sales, and service of interactive audience response system and electronic voting system for more than 20 years, which are mainly used for government city council meetings, corporate business meetings, and events, as well as training assessment. SunVote adheres to the product design concepts of “Reliable, Efficient, Easy to Use ”, provides worldwide users with a professional interactive audience response system and electronic voting keypad and the purchase, SDK, ODM & OEM service to fully meet their needs.

audience response system

SunVote audience response system and electronic voting keypad have been consistently optimized in the past 23 years, can satisfy the voting, election, live polling, training and assessment, real-time survey, judge scoring in corporate applications.

SunVote electronic voting keypads and audience response system have been successfully and widely applied to government city council meetings, association membership, AGM meetings, condominium meetings & HoA, business meetings,  industry summit, business roadshow, academic forum, employee training, TV shows, quizzes games as well as various events & contests.

Till now, SunVote audience response system and the electronic voting system have been used by 10 million users covering more than 100 countries and regions all over the world. SunVote interactive audience response system has been trusted by the fortune 500(e. g. Amway, J.P. Morgan, Pfizer, Alibaba, Amazon, AIA, Unilever, Bayer, etc.) and won a good reputation.

As the original supplier of the audience response system, electronic voting system, and electronic voting keypads, we adhere to the business philosophy of “integrity-based, technological leadership, win-win cooperation, and create a better future”, “reliable quality, agile and efficient, the quality policy of diligently innovating and creating value” strives to provide global users with more reliable, professional, easy-to-use interactive audience response system and electronic voting system solutions, so as to create more market value and achieve a win-win situation.

Why choose SunVote audience response system?

We have focused on the audience response system and electronic voting system since 1998, 23 years of the original manufacturer.

More than 70% of electronic voting keypads in the world are provided by us and counting.

Our electronic voting keypads are used by more than 1000 meetings and events every day, with 10 million users in over 100 countries.

Our electronic voting system has been used in 60% of the People’s Congress in China and 50% of the city councils in Poland.

We worked with dozens of the global top 500 companies, 100% repurchase rate.

Our electronic voting keypads have been obtained quality certifications with 9 countries, such as ISO 9001, CE, FCC, RoHS, TELEC, etc.

Audience response system and electronic voting system solutions

audience response system

Electronic voting system

for city councils

SunVote electronic voting system (EVS for city councils) is designed especially for county /city councils. It is a great poll tool to improve and accelerate the process of collecting votes and responses from your representatives. By using SunVote wireless audience polling system, you can quickly do delegates registration and identify the legitimacy of delegate numbers accurately; Instantly get and display voting results Dedicated and closed-circuit wireless network, and receiver ensure the work that usually takes a few hours to complete can be reduced to a few minutes while maintaining the accurate method of capturing and tracking votes.

Audience response system

for staff training

SunVote audience response system solution for staff training is a proven effective tool to create relaxed training and learning atmosphere, to fully engage trainees, turn passive learning into active learning, improve trainees’ knowledge retention and objectively evaluate the effect of the training. Applicable for Sales Staff Training, Employee Orientation Programs or On-the-Job Training, Safety training, Regulation Training, CME programs, etc. SunVote electronic voting system helps to release the person in charge from a heavy burdensave a lot of time, energy, and cost.

Electronic voting system

for AGM/ shareholder meeting

SunVote electronic voting system for AGM is specially designed for shareholder meetings. It has 2 independent software, one for registration, the other for voting. SunVote electronic voting system works with Identity Card Reader & Scanning devices and will associate weight to electronic voting keypads when shareholders register, the results will be calculated automatically and displayed immediately. You can also export auditable reports when the meeting ends. SunVote electronic voting system speed up the votes counting process, make the result fairer and justice, keep the meeting running efficiently.

electronic voting system

Audience response system

for business meeting & event

SunVote Audience Response System, you might know as an interactive audience response system or electronic voting system, is a quick and efficient way to collect candid and anonymous feedback from a large number of participants. SunVote interactive audience response system is the combination of wireless hardware (electronic voting keypads and receiver) and PowerPoint polling software, which allows lecturers to survey the participants‘ opinions by asking them questions and collecting their answers using electronic voting keypads. If you are looking for a simple interactive audience response system for quiz or surveys, SunVote audience response system is the perfect product for your events and meetings, save your time and cost.

Electronic voting system for condominium meeting & HoA.

SunVote electronic voting system for HoA is specially designed for condominium/residential meetings, it has 2 independent software, one for signing, the other for voting. With an electronic voting system, the owners’ weight can be associated with electronic voting keypads when the owner registers, the voting results will be calculated automatically and displayed in real-time. Users can also export detailed reports in both excel and pdf files for audit when the meeting ends. SunVote interactive audience response system is the right technology that can help register every owner accurately & quickly, simplify the voting process and speed up the votes counting process, and enable transparency of the voting and decision-making process.

Audience response system for entertainment & contests

SunVote audience response system is designed for TV stations and enterprises for audience-interactive voting, judges’ scoring, and quiz game, etc. It encourages the onsite audience to participate and express their honest opinions, and helps the event host accurately collecting hundreds or even thousands of the audience’s live-site voting data, then instantly displaying the voting results, and announcing the winners on the spot. With it, your events carried out efficiently in a happy atmosphere! In return, its ratings & popularity are beyond imagination! SunVote interactive audience response system is widely applicable for TV Shows, quiz games, group or individual trivia contests, and Interactive Game Shows.

Event Organizer from Korea

The audience’s response to a message is referred to as the best audience engagement tool ,it helps our meeting more interactive and saves most of the time in the preparation period. The real-time polling of SunVote audience participation software is very suitable for our game show applications and round-table SunVote electronic voting system!

shareholder registrar from Malaysia

SunVote interactive audience response system is really helpful for our annual shareholder meeting. As a shareholder register, according to our experience, it only takes about 2 hours for a whole event with 200 participants after adopting a wireless audience polling system, while it used to take 2 days and now saves almost 85% of the time.

property management company from Brazil

SunVote electronic voting keypads is an amazing tool, it is very small like a credit card size. But it can save 95% time for a condo event after adopting our system:1.No ballot printing, Environmental! 2. No hand calculation, Avoid the mistake.3. Efficient, 1000 votes can be collected in 30 seconds, meeting time is much shorter than before. 4. Excel and Pdf report, easy for audit.