Audience Response System for AGM

Applicable for listed or stock-joint companies’ AGM, EGM, and Creditor Meetings.

The Challenge of Traditional Voting Method Meet?

The shareholder meeting or Annual General Meeting is one of a company’s primary corporate governance vehicles. During the meeting, the company’s shareholders ratify decisions on topics determined by law and by the corporate bylaws. It usually is the most important time of the year for interaction between the shareholders and executives of the corporate. In traditional shareholder meetings, it’s not avoidable to meet following challenges:

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1. It takes hours for shareholders waiting in a queue for registration at entrance. Also it’s very complex and time consuming for the staff to verify every voter’s eligibility and vote weight. How to register every shareholder accurately & quickly?

2. “Some shareholders should be avoided to vote on resolution 2! Some shareholders may delegate other representative to cast their votes “. Paper ballots are tedious to produce and process, especially when the meeting involved with hundreds to thousands people, and at same time flexible voting rules need to be considered! How to simplify the voting process and speed up votes counting process, in order to keep the meeting running efficiently?

3. Shareholders need to wait till next day to view all the voting results and meeting minutes, causing the doubts of changing votes after the meeting, which will affect the authenticity and accuracy of the voting results. How to enable transparency of the voting and decision making process?

How to Solve the Problem?

SunVote Audience Response System for AGM is a secure, reliable and easy to use voting technology to release the heavy burden of annual general meeting from its preparation to voting process. It greatly simplify the shareholders’ registration, speed up votes counting of resolution voting, streamline board election, and automate documenting process, maximizing the efficiency and transparency for the shareholder meetings. The shareholders, the board and the secretary can all benefit from it throughout the meeting.

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Audience Response System Recommendation
Successful Cases of Audience Response System

Electronic Voting System Simplify Your City Council Voting and Election

City councilor town council is the legislative body that governs a city, town, municipality, or local government area. Polish city councils generally consist of 15 to 25 elected councilors, who come together to consult, deliberate, or make decisions once a month.

“2017 is the first year for us to use Annual General Meeting Polling Solution in shareholder meeting. It significantly reduced the efforts of voting and calculating process in the meeting. Our original schedule is to end the meeting at 17:30, and we successfully completed all meeting agenda in 1.5 hour earlier. There is no any system exception during the meeting. SunVote AGM Polling System and solution is quite professional and we will continue to use SunVote AGM Solution in the future.”

“I really want to thank SunVote for the wonderful support and assistance with the system. I managed to set up the software successfully for my first formal meeting yesterday. The main advantage, for me, is saving time on the traditional ballot counting – especially with weight assigned to each vote. The attendees were very impressed, I think it will become the standard in the Property Management Industry in future. I am excited about the product, service & backup and I look forward working with you in future.”

“The meeting goes exactly as we expected,The whole system, as usual, worked fine giving us the pace of mind to work relaxed and sure to get a good result. Thanks to all the SunVote staff for the support them gave us for a successful meeting .”