ARS Voting System

SunVote audience response system for staff training is suitable for all kinds of entertainment and contests, such as interactive game shows, group or individual trivia contests, and quiz games.

Challenge Of  Traditional Events

The lack of enthusiasm and interaction between the host and the audience on the spot is usually a challenge currently faced by the event organizer. The work staff needs to manually hand out, collect, and calculate the total paper ballots from all the audience, and the audience always needs to wait a long time to see the final results, so that the contests last a long time. How to fully engage an onsite audience and create a cheerful atmosphere, as well as speed up votes collection & count?

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See How SunVote ARS Voting System Can Help You

SunVote ARS Voting System (also called wireless audience polling system) is specially designed for TV stations and enterprises for audience-interactive voting, judges’ scoring, and quiz games, etc. The ARS Voting System encourages the onsite audience to participate and express their honest opinions, and helps the event host accurately collect hundreds or even thousands of the audience’s live-site voting data, then instantly displaying the voting results, and announcing the winners on the spot. With ARS Voting System, your events are carried out efficiently in a happy atmosphere!

The Benefits Of SunVote ARS Voting System

1. Interactive Games: with an ARS Voting System, the host can initiate interactive voting at any time, and the audience can easily press voting buttons to feedback. The voting data can be obtained and displayed in real-time with an intuitive and visual chart. SunVote ARS Voting System helps to capture the attention of your audience and helps them stay interested longer and enables them to engage better with the host.

2. Shows & Competitions: with ARS Voting System, the judges can perform scoring for each player or show according to the pre-setting scoring rules, and customize showing pictures & score details of the player or show. SunVote ARS Voting System helps you live up to the atmosphere of the game and reflect the judges’ fair ruling!

3. Quiz Game in Groups: SunVote ARS Voting System supports team grouping, quickly creating all kinds of questions – single choice, multiple choices, judge, sequence, and even rush the answer. With the ARS Voting System, you can set the correct answer & point value for each question, and finally, rank the team according to the correct answer rate and answer speed.

4. With hundreds or even thousands of participants at the event, SunVote ARS Voting System can quickly collect and automatically count all votes in a few seconds, whether it is the on-site audience support rate, opinion survey distribution results, judges’ score ranking, or teams’ quiz ranking… The results are immediately visible without waiting!

How To Use SunVote ARS Voting System

1. Quickly create various interactive voting questions
SunVote ARS voting system allows the audience to poll for their favorite players or shows, to gain the audience support rate; and allow the judges to score for each player or show, to obtain the score ranking on the spot.
Besides, SunVote ARS voting system allows the organizers to group audiences and conduct quiz games, to get team score ranking…

2. Enable voting for the audience by one-click
Each audience or judge holds a handheld voting keypad, following the host and the competition rhythm and participating in interactive voting, scoring, or answering questions by pressing keypad buttons. The SunVote ARS voting system helps create a tight and enthusiastic atmosphere for the contests, and fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of the audience.

3. The polling results are collected & counted in real-time and displayed on the spot.
SunVote ARS voting system instead of paper voting, there is no need to manually distribute, collect, and count voting on-site. With SunVote ARS voting system, the work that takes several hours to complete in a traditional way can be completed in a few minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of the events! The results of the competition are immediately announced & displayed on the spot, increasing the fairness and transparency of the events!

4. Export and manage detailed reports for printing and archiving after the events.
With SunVote ARS voting system, you can export EXCEL reports (the voting results of each player or show are clear at a glance)

Why Choose Our SunVote ARS Voting System

Accurate & reliable

Our ARS voting system communicates via a secure, closed-circuit, proprietary radio frequency technology, no WIFI needed, 80 channels guarantee stable data transmission.

Our ARS voting system support system matching and a one-click channel shifting mechanism, which ensures the voting data is 100% reliable.

Instant & efficient

Our ARS voting system supports conference voting with up to 5000 participants.

Our ARS voting system can reliably collect all response votes from 2000 participants in 30 seconds.

With an ARS voting system, instant results and multi-dimensional analysis reports can be displayed in real-time, with no need for human statistics.

Simple & easy to use.

Simple, accessible user interfaces and intuitive voting status & input of ARS voting system are super easy to use for system operators and participants.

SunVote ARS voting system is light and portable, easy to set up, no wifi needed, free from site restriction.


SunVote ARS voting system helps you boost the audience’s enthusiasm & participation and live up to the event!

Response Clicker / Receiver Options For SunVote ARS Voting System

S52Plus is our 3rd generation most popular voting keypad. It’s the first choice for small to medium-sized events with less than 1000 participants.

EA4000T: adopt 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology. Each receiver supports up to 2000 electronic voting keypads. It can be connected via a USB port or in a TCP/IP model.

Customize an audience response system for quiz shows to meet your needs.

We offer a wide range of customization services from the appearance to the functions of the electronic voting keypad, including logo ODM, panel and shell color customization, and also exclusive look mold and hardware customization, as well as software customization. No matter which one you want to custom, we all can meet your needs.

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