Audience Voting System

SunVote audience response system for staff training is suitable for all kinds of training and assessment, such as sales training, pre-job or on-job training, human resources training, safety training, regulations training, CME, or medical training.

The Challenge for traditional training sessions

1.How to fully engage trainees in real-time and improve participation?

Most trainees fear raising their hands and answering the questions. They prefer to remain silent, especially for someone who is shy.

2.How to instantly assess trainees’ understanding and increase knowledge retention?

In the traditional training course, only a few learners have the opportunity to answer questions posed by the teacher, so the trainer can only know the learning situation of a small group of learners in a limited time. Long-time training can also easily cause trainees to get tired so that they can’t concentrate on the teaching content.

3.How to improve training efficiency and track training effectiveness?

The training manager always needs to conduct paper questionnaires to collect the views and opinions of trainees and to assess their understanding and track their performance, which is time-consuming and error-prone as additional time needs to be spent on paper scoring and manual statistics. It is difficult to evaluate and track training effectiveness in real-time.

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See how SunVote Audience Voting System Can Help You

SunVote Audience Voting System (also called interactive response system) is a good tool to fully engage trainees in real-time, create an interactive and interesting learning atmosphere, improve trainees’ knowledge retention and objectively evaluate and track the effect of the training.
SunVote Audience Voting System is a combination of wireless hardware and software, which allows learners to show their opinions with a handheld voting keypad. The answering results are instantly displayed and saved for analysis. SunVote Audience Voting System is based on audience response PowerPoint plug, free from site restriction, easy to install and use, lite and portable!

The Benefits Of SunVote Audience Voting System

Easy trainee management
The Audience response system for staff training can help you do a quick attendance check and group identification by different departments and jobs, easy to collect, analyze and review.
Improve trainee participation.
SunVote audience voting system engages learners in real-time, encourages them to actively participate in the training sessions and discussion by creating an interactive and relaxed training & learning environment, especially helping those shy trainees to overcome their fear of expressing their real opinions in public by using vote clickers.
Assess trainees’ understanding.
With the SunVote audience response system for staff training, the trainer can pose a group of questions in the class and ask the trainees to submit their answers with a response clicker. The audience voting system automatically collects instant responses from all trainees and displays the results in real-time, helping the trainer instantly assess the knowledge level of each trainee to push the training towards the correct way.
Improve training effectiveness.
With the SunVote audience voting system, the multi-dimensional analysis reports (including the overall reports and individual reports) can be automatically generated and exported for analysis and archiving at the end of the training session. The audience voting system helps the trainer save a lot of time and energy on manual statistics, as well as ensure the accuracy of the results and reports. Besides, by using the SunVote audience voting system, the trainer can compare the effectiveness of pre-training and post-training, so that he can improve training programs and plans.

How To Use SunVote Audience Voting System

1.Freely create your polling questions.
With an Audience Voting System, a trainer can quickly create questions slides into the presentation through Audience Response Powerpoint plug-in software. The Audience Voting System supports question bank input, simple and easy to use.
2.Poll your trainees in real-time.
With the Audience Voting System, you can poll your trainees in real-time, and the trainees answer the questions with their voting keypads.
3.Display the results in real-time.
The Audience Voting System automatically and accurately collects and counts the response data of each trainee, then instantly generates and displays the results in a bar chart or pie chart.
4.Export and manage detailed reports.
With the Audience Voting System, post-session analysis reports and participant lists can be automatically generated in different formats like Excel or PDF.

Audience Voting System

Why Choose Our SunVote Audience Voting System

Accurate & reliable
Our Audience Voting System communicates via a secure, closed-circuit, proprietary radio frequency technology, no WIFI needed, 80 channels guarantee stable data transmission.
Our Audience Voting System supports system matching and a one-click channel shifting mechanism, which ensures the voting data is 100% reliable.
Instant & efficient
Our Audience Voting System supports conference voting with up to 5000 participants. The Audience Voting System can reliably collect all response votes from 2000 participants in 30 seconds. With an Audience Voting System, overall and individual results can be displayed in real-time.
By using SunVote audience response system for staff training, you can save 40%-70% costs and 50%-90% time compared to voting on paper.
The ARS Voting System auto-generates intuitive results and reports, no need for human statistics.
Simple & easy to use.
Integrated with Audience Response Powerpoint, support question bank input.
Simple, accessible user interfaces and intuitive voting status & input of Audience Voting System are super easy to use for system operators and participants.
SunVote Audience Voting System is light and portable, easy to set up, no wifi needed, free from site restriction.

Vote Clicker / Receiver Options For SunVote Audience Voting System

We offer multiple vote clicker options to match the diverse needs of various surveys and interactions from the basic keypad to the keypad with more advanced features. You can choose the product portfolio that best suits your needs or choose a tailored service as per your needs and budget.
S52Plus vote clicker is our most popular and functional model. Support question within 10 options. It is mainly used in corporate employee training, such as sales training, pre-job, or on-job training.

EA4000T: adopt 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology. Each receiver supports up to 2000 electronic voting keypads. It can be connected via a USB port or in a TCP/IP model.
E100: adopt 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology. Each receiver supports up to 400 electronic voting keypads. It can be connected via a USB port.

Customize interactive voting systems to meet your needs.
We offer a wide range of customization services from the appearance to the functions of the electronic voting keypad, including logo ODM, panel and shell color customization, and also exclusive look mold and hardware customization, as well as software customization. No matter which one you want to custom, we all can meet your needs.

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