Electronic Voting System

SunVote Electronic Voting System for city councils is designed especially for the regional, county, or city council meetings. By using SunVote Electronic Voting System, you can quickly register delegates and identify the legitimacy of delegate numbers accurately, instantly display voting results, and get accurate detailed reports for printing, auditing, and saving when the meeting ends. SunVote Electronic Voting System can meet the requirements of the different legal rules of the local self-government, without breaking the existing meeting process, it also can be customized for specific voting workflows. SunVote Electronic Voting System is a great poll tool to speed up vote counting and automate results reporting and make the voting more efficient, transparent, secure, and auditable.

Electronic Voting System

Sunvote Electronic Voting System for training is designed for all kinds of training programs of corporates and organizations. It is a good technology, which can help turn compulsory training into a pleasant learning experience, increase trainees’ participation and encourage them to learn actively, increase knowledge retention, as well as effectively evaluate trainees’ understanding and track training effects. SunVote Electronic Voting System allows trainees to answer the questions with a handheld voting clicker, the feedback data of each question is automatically calculated and the results are displayed instantly and saved for analysis. SunVote Electronic Voting System is based on a Microsoft PowerPoint plug, free from site restriction, quick to install, lite, and portable!

Electronic Voting System

SunVote Electronic Voting System for AGM is specially designed for listed or stock-joint companies’ AGM, EGM, and creditor meetings. SunVote Electronic Voting System has two independent software, one for registering, the other for voting, which helps to quickly and accurately verify shareholders’ identity and shorten the registration process, automatically collect and count votes of resolution voting and candidate election, generates accurate detailed reports in real-time for instant review, archiving and verification.

SunVote Electronic Voting System ensures secure and efficient voting based on rules, avoids fraud data, and protects shareholders’ rights. SunVote Electronic Voting System is a simple, intuitive, reliable, and easy-to-use technology to streamline your next shareholder meeting, release you in charge from a heavy burden, make the meeting more effective and transparent!

Electronic Voting System

Sunvote EVS-HoA is specially designed for residential meetings, a whole set of Electronic Voting System consists of 2 sub-systems, one for registering, the other for voting. SunVote Electronic Voting System works with identity card reader & scanning devices. The weight will automatically be associated with the electronic voting keypad when the owner registers, the result will be calculated automatically and displayed immediately. You can export and manage detailed reports for audit.

SunVote Electronic Voting System is exactly the right technology, which can help release you in charge from a heavy burden, make the result fairer and more just, cost much less time, maximize the efficiency and simplify your condo meeting process. If you are looking for a simple, reliable, and secure Electronic Voting System to streamline your condo meeting, SunVote Electronic Voting System for HoA is the perfect tool for you.

Electronic Voting System

SunVote Electronic Voting System is an integrated technology that is widely used in business meetings, surveys, and employee training, and live events. SunVote Electronic Voting System helps to collect ideas and opinions from your audience rapidly, improves participant engagement by promoting interactivity, and reinforces the correct responses.

SunVote Electronic Voting System is the combination of the Electronic Voting System clickers, receiver, and software, fully integrated into PowerPoint, the results and reports can be displayed instantly and automatically stored for analysis, making the meeting and training more interactive and effective! SunVote Electronic Voting System is a perfect tool to ask for candid and anonymous feedback from participants when reviewing the most sensitive of subject matters.

Electronic Voting System

SunVote Electronic Voting System for entertainment & contests is designed for various interactive occasions, including TV shows, quiz games, interactive game shows, and group or individual trivia contests. With hundreds or even thousands of participants at the event, SunVote Electronic Voting System can quickly collect and automatically count all votes in a few seconds, whether it is the on-site audience support rate, opinion survey distribution results, judges’ score ranking, or teams’ quiz ranking… and the voting data can be obtained and displayed in real-time with an intuitive and visual chart, so it captures the attention of your audience and helps them stay interested longer.

SunVote Electronic Voting System is a good tool to fully engage an onsite audience and create a cheerful atmosphere, live up to the event!

Electronic Voting System

Why Choose SunVote Secure Electronic Voting System?

    1. SunVote Secure Electronic Voting System is simple, intuitive, flexible, and easy to use.

    • Easy to set up and configure, no WiFi or internet needed, suitable for anywhere.
    • Flexible and scalable hardware, SunVote Electronic Voting System supports voting in single venue or multi-venues
    • Simple and intuitive, intuitive voting status &input, and learns to use it in one minute for participants.

    1. SunVote Secure Electronic Voting System is reliable, secure, and accurate.

    • Adopted a mathematically proven algorithm and two-way communication verify technology, which ensures data is 100% accurate.
    • Secure, closed-circuit, proprietary radio frequency technology, no WIFI needed, and stable data transmission.
    • System matching and one-click channel shifting mechanism ensure 100% reliability.

    1. SunVote Secure Electronic Voting System is quick, instant, and effective.

    • Supports conference voting with up to 5000 participants.
    • Can reliably collect all response votes from 2000 participants in 30 seconds.
    • Overall and individual results generated automatically by SunVote audience response system can be displayed in real-time.

    1. SunVote Secure Electronic Voting System is effective, saving lots of time and costs.

    • Helps to save 4. 40%-70% costs and 50%-90% time compared to voting on paper.
    • Automatically generates intuitive results & detailed reports, no need for human statistics.
    • A variety of vote clickers are available to suit your needs and budget.

    1. SunVote Secure Electronic Voting System supports ODM, OEM, and SDK

Available for sale and SDK, also support look, function, and language customization.