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Electronic Voting for a Multi-Room Town Meeting

The town of Seekonk held a town meeting in November 2021 and since a bigger yield was anticipated, they desired the auditorium to overflow to the gym down the hall.

However exactly how do you vote on the activities and resolutions from another area? Well, with the Sunvote audience response system equipment, we had a multi-room arrangement that covered each space separately, and also merged the votes from both spaces into the software, to ensure that one complete vote matter can be revealed on the major screen.

The town of Stow needed to divide its voters right into 2 separate areas– an interior cafeteria/gym and also an exterior– pop-up camping tent outside the ballpark. Both 2020 as well as 2021 town meetings required to collect votes from both places at the same time, aggregating the outcomes inside, where the projector was.

audience response system equipment

The challenge was the size of the outdoor space– concerning 150 feet through the hallway, across the collection, and out the window where the 2nd receiver is required to be.

When the Town of Raynham was required to divide their citizens into the fitness center and also nearby lunchroom, like the various other towns, they had to deal with running the audio as well as video to both spaces, so that everyone can see and hear what the Moderator is stating and what are they intended to vote on.

Fortunately, Sunvote’s audience response system equipment can manage this easily. We installed the receivers in both rooms so that we can gather the votes from ‘behind the wall’ and also ‘around the bend’, to make sure that they can be tabulated in our dedicated voting computer as well as projected for everyone to see.

At some time a show-of-hands vote may become difficult– due to the fact that the votes are also close or due to the fact that it’s not possible to obtain all voting participants in the same space at the same time to vote or for a few other perfectly legitimate reason. You can transfer to paper tallies, yet paper ballot voting provides various mistakes. Ballots might be harmed or hard to analyze. They have to be counted (and also recounted) manually unless you are investing in some type of ballot scanning modern technology. It takes some time to establish the result– and also none of your members really intend to wait while individuals matter and also recount tallies.

Conversely, you might utilize an audience response voting system. You can provide the voting choices on a screen and also your participants can click a button to cast a vote– which can be recorded and tallied instantly. That decreases the danger that a member’s vote might be damaged or shed, while at the same time making certain that the vote results can be presented to participants quickly as well as unambiguously.

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The smaller-sized footprints for the base stations and audience response voting system helped with much easier traveling, as well as can even be managed as a carry-on if needed. “Powering the system via the laptop computer USB port meant I might go virtually anywhere quickly, without fretting whether I required electric existing converters to power the numerous audience response system equipment components,” says Ottum. “That made it much easier to perform focus groups for clients all over the world.”

Also, small meetings can be prevented by inefficiency and also tedium without a reliable audience response system equipment. As the size of a voting session rises, so also can the difficulties. Rate, efficiency, as well as ease of voting, become progressively crucial components as the dimension of a meeting grows.

Whether an exterior voting session or a town meeting, Sunvote has you covered. To find out more concerning how Sunvote audience response system equipment can aid you with your next meeting, call us freely via e-mail:

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