Response Clicker


Response Clicker E11Plus is our hot-sale model, which is specially designed for county or council meeting voting. It has 6 buttons (dedicated yes/no/abstain capabilities) and a large HD backlight screen helps delegates of different ages use the voting keypad easily. Response Clicker E11Plus supports resolution voting and candidate election. Moreover, its’ communication distance is extended to 100m, which supports collecting votes results during a council meeting in 5 seconds. Response Clicker E11plus also has a built-in rechargeable battery of running more than 80 hours.

  • Key Functions Of Response Clicker E11Plus

    Sign in-Unique SN for Identity Recognition
    Resolution voting – yes/no/ abstain.
    Candidate election – select max. 80 candidates out of 200.

  • Key Performance Of Response Clicker E11plus

    • 4G HzRF Technology
    • <100M Reliable Distance
    • >80 Hour Working Hour
    • 80 Channels available
    • support up to 2000 representatives.
    • 400 votes can be 100% collected in 7 seconds.

Response Clicker E11Plus Applications

Response Clicker E11Plus is specially designed for government meetings. It has simplified functions, support sign-in, resolution voting, and candidate election. With intuitive buttons and a big LCD with a backlight, super easy to use for different aged delegates. Response Clicker E11Plus adopt1100mAh lithium rechargeable battery, supports collective charging & storing, can be used continuously for 80 hours after full charging for 3 hours! Response Clicker E11Plus is widely used for regional, county, or city council meetings, political parties’ congress, town hall meetings, and legislative meetings. It has been successfully used in more than 50% of city councils in Poland.

Response Clicker Configuration

Response Clicker E11Plus is light and portable, wireless installation and deployment, no wifi needed, free from site restriction, suitable for anywhere.

About the Receiver and Accessories

Receiver EA4000T

* Communication Band 2.4 GHz RF technology

* Communication Distance within 100 meters

* Each receiver supports up to 2000 smart response clicker E11Plus.

*Support USB or TCP/IP connection

*Can be charged by USB or power adapter.

Audience Polling Software For City Councils:

* Support sign-in, yes/no / abstain voting, candidate election.

* Support export reports in both excel and pdf files.

* Support software language customization

50BP Charging Case

Aviation material

Capacity – 50pcs response clickers classroom per box

Charging time – 3 hours

Weight – 6KG without Response Clicker E11Plus

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