What are electronic voting keypads?

electronic voting keypads

SunVote electronic voting keypads are a great tool for interactive response and audience polling. A whole set of SunVote Audience Response System combined three parts: voting keypads, receiver, and audience polling software, which are widely used for city council meetings, business meetings, annual general meetings, condominium meetings, staff training, marketing surveys, TV shows, and quiz games and other live events. SunVote voting keypads meet various interactive response needs of government, corporate and non-profit organizations to help to create a relaxed and interactive environment, fully engage the audience in real-time, encourage every participant to express their real opinions and views, and obtain real-time voting results and detailed reports. SunVote electronic voting keypads work with SunVote polling software, which turns every presentation, meeting, and event into a valuable working experience, greatly improves the efficiency of meetings, and improves events ROI.

The benefits of electronic voting keypads:

  • SunVote voting clickers help to engage every participant, create a relaxed and interactive environment.
  • SunVote response clicker helps to promote communication between presenters and audience, encourages the audience to join in discussions, maximizes the meeting effect.
  • SunVote interactive keypad helps to gather instant feedback and real ideas & opinions from the audience.
  • SunVote voting clickers help to quickly and accurately verify every participant’s identity and shorten the registration and sign-in process.
  • SunVote response clicker can display instant results with intuitive graphs, and automatically generates accurate detailed reports for instant analysis or archiving.

electronic voting keypads

The application of electronic voting keypads

SunVote electronic voting keypads can be used for various voting, election, live polling, and scoring, which are widely used on the following occasions:

High Stake Meetings: county or city councils/ AGM meetings or shareholders meeting/ condominium meeting or HoA.

Opinion Surveys: Employee Satisfaction Survey/ Opinion Poll / Market Research

Association & Forums: Academic Forum/ CME & Medical Symposia/ Industry Summit

Business Meetings & Events: Sales meetings/Focus group/ Brainstorming

Product Release /Business Roadshow/Trade Show

Training & Assessment: Sales Training/ Pre-job or On-job Training/ Human Resources Training / Safety Training / Regulations Training/ CME or Medical Training

Entertainment & contests: Interactive Game Shows/ Group or Individual Trivia Contests/ Quiz Games

electronic voting keypads

Options for electronic voting keypads

We provide three different electronic voting keypads models, from basic one to full function one, to fully meet the needs of city council meetings, shareholders meetings, condominium meetings, business meetings, and training, as well as the entertainment and contests for government and corporate application. We also provide purchase, ODM, OEM, and SDK services of voting clickers. You can choose the most suitable standard response clicker or customization as per your requirement and budget.

E11Plus is our hot-sale electronic voting keypads which are specially designed for county or city council meeting voting. E11Plus voting clickers have 6 buttons (dedicated yes/no/abstain capabilities) and a large HD backlight screen helps delegates of different ages use the voting clickers easily. Besides resolutions voting, SunVote wireless voting keypads also support candidate elections. Moreover, E11plus electronic voting keypads’ communication distance is extended to 100m, which supports collecting votes results during a council meeting in 5 seconds. E11plus electronic voting keypads also have a built-in rechargeable battery of running more than 80 hours.

G1 is our new generation and full of functional electronic voting keypads. specially designed for large-scale & important occasions such as Shareholder Meeting/AGM/Creditor Meeting/International Forum/Industry Summit, etc. The G1 wireless voting keypad has a larger LCD screen with blacklight features and stronger wifi anti-interference ability with 2.4G Hz RF technology, and its communication distance is extended to 100m, which supports up to 5000 participants voting in a single room at the same time. The G1 electronic voting keypads are suitable for a more complex environment. At the same time, we have optimized its display effect, users can have a more intuitive and easy operation. G1 electronic voting keypads also have a built-in 3 *AAA battery of running more than 150 hours.

M52Li is our high-performance electronic voting keypad which is specially designed for large-scale & important occasions such as Shareholder Meetings/AGM/Creditor Meetings/International Forums/Industry Summits, etc. M52Li has more specific functions required by shareholder meetings, such as resolution voting, candidate election. With full functions, smart deployment, and strong anti-WIFI interference features, M52Li wireless voting keypads are more suitable for large-scale meetings with thousands of participants because of stable signal distance and a chargeable battery.

M00 electronic voting keypads support multiple kinds of voting types, including single choice, multiple choices, sequence, judge, score, appraisal, vote, etc. M00 electronic voting keypads adopts dot matrix LCD, supports backlight feature, which is applicable to various evening party scenes and can be barrier-free operated in a dark environment. M00 electronic voting keypads adopted 433MHz communication technology, support 80M long-distance communication, 32 channels available for switching by one click. Performance strongly stable and reliable in a WIFI environment. Besides, the M00 electronic voting keypads adopt 2 AA batteries and support continuing voting for up to 150 hours.

S52Plus is our classic, popular and full feature electronic voting keypads, which are widely used for condominium meetings, business meetings, and training assessments. S52plus electronic voting keypads are credit card-sized and have 10 response buttons and a large screen with an LCD display to conform to the user which button was pressed. S52plus electronic voting keypads have multiple basic functionalities and also advanced functions like texting, which is the preferred choice for HoA meetings, product launch, market research, and staff training.

M30 is our mini entry-level electronic voting keypads! Small, simple, and economical! M30 response clicker supports 5 options’ single choice/multiple choices/sequence, judge, numeric, and voting, its communication distance extends to 50 meters. With the smallest shape and most cost-efficient price, it is an ideal choice for corporate training, quiz games, onsite surveys, or audience responses on small meetings or events!

Electronic Voting Keypads E11Plus

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Electronic Voting Keypads G1

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Electronic Voting Keypads S52PLUS

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Electronic Voting Keypads M30

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Electronic Voting Keypads M00

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Electronic Voting Keypads S52Plus

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Sunvote polling software & SDK

voting clickers

SunVote polling software and electronic voting keypad are important parts of the audience response system. They are mainly designed for city council meetings, annual general meetings, condominiums meetings, business meetings and live events, TV shows, and quiz games.

response clickerBesides Sunvote standard polling software, we also provide SunVote SDK package.

In addition to electronic voting keypads and the receiver, secondary development kit and development support services are available for system integrators and independent developers to build personalized audience response solutions based on the actual needs of clients. SunVote SDK tools support Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux platform, and JAVA\ Delphi\ C++\ C#\VB language. You only need to develop once to be compatible with the full range of SunVote interactive keypads. Besides, testing tools, case demos, using documents, and a 3-month professional technique support service are provided for you to help you develop your own software.